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TECHNART 2015 − Catania

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April 27 - 30, 2015
Non-destructive and microanalytical techniques in art and cultural heritage

The aim of TECHNART 2015 is to provide a scientific forum to present and promote the use of analytical spectroscopy techniques in the field of cultural heritage. The conference builds on the momentum of TECHNART 2013 offering an outstanding and unique opportunity for exchanging knowledge on leading edge developments. Cultural heritage studies are interpreted in a broad sense, including pigments, stones, metals, glass, ceramics, chemometrics on artwork studies, resins, fibers, forensic applications in art history, archaeology and conservation science.

Conference topics

X-ray microanalysis (XRF, PIXE, XRD, SEM-EDX)
Confocal X-ray microscopy (3D Micro-XRF, 3D Micro-PIXE)
Synchrotron, ion beam and neutron based techniques/instrumentation
FT-IR and Raman microscopy
UV-Vis and NIR absorption/reflectance and fluorescence
Laser-based analytical techniques
Magnetic resonance techniques
Chromatography (GC, HPLC) and mass spectrometry
Optical imaging and coherence techniques
Mobile spectrometry and remote sensing

International Scientific Committee`

Demetrios Anglos, FORTH-IESL, Greece
Bruno Brunetti, University of Perugia, Italy
Maria Luisa de Carvalho, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Marta Castillejo, IQFR-CSIC, Spain
Rene Van Grieken, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Andreas Germanos Karydas, IAEA, Austria
Izumi Nakai, University of Tokyo, Japan
Austin Nevin, IFN-CNR, Italy
Stanislaw Piorek, Thermo Niton Analyzers, USA
Phillipe Walter, LAMS, France
Žiga Šmit, IJS, Slovenia
Oliver Hahn, BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research, Germany
Robert Van Langh, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Visit the website of the international conference TECHNART 2015.