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Postdoctorant 2017-2018

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Research topics

- Synthesis and characterization of new lake pigments to artworks : study of stability and fading ;

- Prebiotic synthesis of ribonucleotides onto mineral surfaces : study of interaction, stability and influence of confinement.

Scientific expertise

- Synthesis, modification, characterization and application of clay minerals and molecular sieves ;

Analytical skills

- Adsorption skills ;
- Inorganic synthesis ;
- Dyes and pigments ;
- Management of laboratory routine ;
- Installation and use of chemical equipments.

Professional resume

2013 - 2014 : Professor of “Chemical Risks” at Maurício de Nassau Faculty, Brazil ;

2013 - 2013 : Technical consulting of “Technical-scientific assessment of long-infrared and magnetism technologies” at Teramag, Brazil ;

2008 - now : Laboratory manager and chemist at State University of Paraíba (UEPB), Brazil ;

2006 - 2007 : Bachelor Internship at ASA Industria e Comércio LTDA, Brazil.

Educational background

2014 : PhD thesis in inorganic chemistry. Subject : “Montmorillonite, chitosan and its composites as adsorbents and controlled drug release systems” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maria Gardênnia da Fonseca, Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), Brazil ;

2010 : Master in inorganic chemistry. Subject : “Synthesis, characterization and catalytic evaluation of the mesostructured aluminosilicate Al-MCM-41 in the transesterification of vegetable oils” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maria Gardênnia da Fonseca, Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), Brazil ;

2007 : Bachelor of industrial chemistry. Subject : “Preparation and characterization of Pt@SAPO-5 catalyst to isomerization of n-paraffins” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maristela Alves da Silva, State University of Paraíba (UEPB), Brazil ;

Selected publications

PEREIRA, F. A. R. ; CAVALCANTI, GRAYCYELLE R.S. ; FRANÇA, DENISE B. ; QUEIROGA, LÍBIA N.F. ; SANTOS, IEDA M.G. ; FONSECA, MARIA G. ; JABER, MAGUY . Green biosorbents based on chitosan-montmorillonite beads for anionic dye removal. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v. 5, p. 3309-3318, 2017.

LIMA, LUCIANO C. B. ; SOUSA, KALINE S. ; FONSECA, MARIA G. ; SILVA FILHO, E. C. ; PEREIRA, F. A. R. . Calorimetry studies for interaction in solid/liquid interface between the modified cellulose and divalent cation. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (Dordrecht Online), v. 114, p. 57-66, 2013.

PEREIRA, F. A. R. ; CAVALCANTI, G.R.S. ; FONSECA, M.G. ; DE SOUZA, ANTÔNIO G. ; ALVES, A.P.M. . Chitosan-montmorillonite biocomposite as an adsorbent for copper (II) cations from aqueous solutions. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, v. 61, p. 471-478, 2013.

Recent conference participation

PEREIRA, F.A.R. ; FONSECA, M. G. ; GEORGELIN, T. ; JABER, MAGUY . Microporous silicates and formation of nucleotides. Gordon Conference : Origins of Life, 2018 (Poster presentation).