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Séminaire du LAMS : mardi 6 novembre 2018 à 11h

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Te ‘ono tupuna o Rapa Nui.
Rapa Nui cultural heritage : present and future challenges.

Merahi Atam López
Secretaría Técnica de Patrimonio Rapa Nui.
Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales.

By reviewing the development of archaeology and conservation of cultural patrimony in Rapa Nui, this presentation will address the main problems of Rapanui heritage. To this end, this presentation will discuss the work of local institutions focused on heritage protection, like the Secretaría Técnica de Patrimonio Rapa Nui (STP) and the indigenous community Ma’u Henua.

The presentation will also include the exhibition of archaeological sites in risk or emergency state, with particular emphasis in Ana Kai Tangata, a relevant site to the Rapanui community due to its cultural significance. The site is formed by a cave of stone slabs with panels of rock art paintings.