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Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Ina Reiche (HDR)

Directrice de recherche 2ème classe, CNRS
Institut de recherche de Chimie Paris (IRCP), UMR 8247 CNRS-ENSCP, PSL
& Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France
14 quai F. Mitterrand, 75001 Paris

Directrice du Rathgen research laboratory National Museums in Berlin
Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Schloßstr. 1a
14059 Berlin

E-Mail :

Phone : +33-1-40202447
+49-30-266 427101/00

Qualifications and employment history

1990-1997 Free University of Berlin, Université Toulouse III, Université Paris IV Sorbonne : Study of Chemistry and Art History

1997 Chemistry diploma and "Zwischenprüfung" (Bachelor) in Art history of the Free University of Berlin

1997-2000 University of Paris VI UPMC and Laboratory of the Centre of Research and Restoration of the French Museums (LC2RMF - UMR 171 CNRS/MCC) : Dr. Material sciences

1999-2000 University of Marne-la-Vallée : ATER (assistant lecturer)

2000-2002 Rathgen research laboratory, State Museums of Berlin : Scientist

2003-2011 Lab of the C2RMF Paris : CNRS scientist

2009 University of Paris VI UPMC : Habilitation thesis in Analytical Chemistry

2011 Biomaterials department, Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam : invited scientist

2012 LAMS – UMR 8220 CNRS/UPMC, head of the research group “Ancient materials and their evolution over time” : CNRS research director

2014 Rathgen research laboratory National Museums in Berlin Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, director and associated to the LAMS until 2017

2018 Institut de recherche de Chimie Paris - Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France : CNRS research director
Research Interests and Activities

Archaeometry of historical and archaeological biomaterials (bone, ivory, antler, cave sites) as well as pigments and minerals.
Identification, understanding of alteration and transformation processes of these materials by analytical methods such as :
synchrotron methods (XRF, SAXS/WAXS, XANES, IR), ion beam analyses (PIXE/PIGE), lab (confocal XRF) and mobile analyses (Raman, XRF/XRD).

- Member of the Steering comittee of the MRCT network CAIRN (CNRS)
- Managing editor of the international journal ’Archaeometry’ (Wiley) on behalf of the GNAA with Prof. Mark Pollard, Prof. James Burton and Prof. Gilberto Artioli
- Co-editor of ArcheoSciences - Revue d’Archéométrie, member of the Steering comittee of the GMPCA association
- Chair of the IAC of the conference Synchroton Radiation in Art and Archaeology (SR2A)
- Member of the User Selection Panel "Environment & Cultural Heritage" of the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) funded by the European Commission SPIRIT 2009-13
- Lecturer in the Prehistory department, University Paris 1 (materials science of archaeological materials).

Some selected publications (2009-in press)

International peer-reviewed articles
I. Reiche, C. Heckel, K. Müller, O. Jöris, Combined Non‐invasive PIXE/PIGE Analyses of Mammoth Ivory from Aurignacian Archaeological Sites, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2018, doi : 10.1002/anie.201712911

J. Spadavecchia, E. Apchain, M. Albéric, E. Fontan, I. Reiche, One Step Synthesis of Collagen Hybrid Gold Nanoparticles and Formation on Egyptian-like Gold-plated Archaeological Ivory, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2014, doi : 10.1002/anie.201403567R1

E. Chalmin & I. Reiche, Synchrotron X-Ray Microanalysis and Imaging of Synthetic Biological Calcium Carbonate in Comparison With Archaeological Samples Originating from the Large Cave of Arcy-sur-Cure (28000-24500 BP, Yonne, France), Microscopy and Microanalysis 19 (2013) sous presse, doi:10.1017/S1431927613013342.

Ina Reiche, Katharina Müller, Marie Albéric, Oliver Scharf, Andrea Wähning, Aniouar Bjeoumikhov, Martin Radtke, and Rolf Simon, « Discovering vanished paints and naturally formed gold nanoparticles on 2800 years old Phoenician ivories using SR-FF-microXRF with the Color X-ray Camera » Analytical Chemistry, Publication Date (Web) : May 13, 2013 (Article), DOI : 10.1021/ac4006167

L. Beck, D. Genty, F. Tereygeol, S. Lahlil, M. Lebon, C. Vignaud, I. Reiche, E. Lambert, H. Valladas, F. Plassard, M. Menu, P. Paillet, « Non-destructive portable analytical techniques for carbon in-situ screening before sampling for dating prehistoric rock paintings. » Radiocarbon (2013) 55, No 3–4.

A. Zazzo, M. Lebon, E. Delqué-Kolic, L. Chiotti, C. Comby, R. Nespoulet, I.Reiche, « Can we use calcined bones for radiocarbon dating the Palaeolithic ? » Radiocarbon (2013) 55, No 3–4

M. Radtke, I. Reiche, U. Reinholz, H. Riesemeier, M. F. Guerra, « Beyond the Great Wall : Gold of the Silk Roads and the first Empire of the steppes. » Analytical Chemistry (2013), 85 (3), pp 1650–1656.

I. Reiche, K. Müller, M. Eveno, E. Itié, M. Menu, « Depth profiling reveals multiple paint layers of Louvre Renaissance paintings using non-invasive compact confocal micro-X-ray fluorescence. » Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy (2012) 27, 1715-1724.

S. Lahlil, M. Lebon, L. Beck, H. Rousselière, C. Vignaud, I. Reiche, M. Menu, P. Paillet, F. Plassard, « The first in situ micro-Raman spectroscopic analysis of prehistoric cave art of Rouffignac St-Cernin, France. » Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (2012) 43(11), 1637–1643 (doi : 10.1002/jrs.4115).

I. Reiche, K. Müller, A. Staude, J. Goebbels, H. Riesemeier, « Synchrotron
radiation and laboratory-based micro X-ray computed tomography - a useful tools for the identification of prehistoric objects made of bone and ivory materials. » Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy (2011) 26, 1802-1812 (doi:10.1039/c0ja00246a).

V. Mazel, I. Reiche et al. « Confocal 3D micro-X-Ray Microfluorescence analysis as a new tool for the non destructive study of the elemental distributions in pharmaceutical tablets. » Talanta (2011) 85(1), 556-561.

K. Müller and I. Reiche « Differentiation of archaeological ivory and bone materials by micro-PIXE/PIGE with emphasis on two Upper Palaeolithic key sites : Abri Pataud and Isturitz, France » Journal of Archaeological Science (2011) 38(12), 3234-3243 (doi:10.1016/j.jas.2011.06.029).

K. Müller, C. Chadefaux, N. Thomas, I. Reiche « Microbial attack of archaeological bones versus high concentrations of heavy metals in the burial environment. A case study of animal bones from a medieval copper workshop in Paris » Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (2011) 310 (1-2), 39-51.

M. Lebon, K. Müller, J-J. Bahain, F. Fröhlich, C. Falguères, L. Bertrand, C. Sandt, I. Reiche « Imaging fossil bone alterations at the microscale by SR-FTIR microspectroscopy » Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (2011) 26(5), 922-929.

M. Lebon, I. Reiche, J.-J. Bahain, C. Chadefaux, A.-M. Moigne, F. Fröhlich, F. Sémah, H.P. Schwarcz, C. Falguères « New parameters for the characterization of diagenetic alterations and heat-induced changes of fossil bone mineral using Fourier transform infrared spectrometry » Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (2010) 2265-2276.

I. Reiche, M. Lebon, C. Chadefaux, K. Müller, A.-S. Le Hô, M. Gensch, U. Schade « Microscale imaging of the preservation state of 5,000-year-old archaeological bones by synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy » Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 397 (2010) 2491–2499.

C. Chadefaux and I. Reiche « Archaeological bone from macro- to nanoscale. Heat-induced modifications at low temperatures » Journal of Nano Research (JnanoR) Special Issue : Cultural Heritage Materials 8 (2009) 157-172.

I. Reiche, S. Röhrs, J. Salomon, B. Kanngießer, Y. Höhn, W. Malzer, F. Voigt « Development of a non-destructive method for underglaze painted tiles—demonstrated by the analysis of Persian objects from the nineteenth century. » Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2009) 393:1025–1041.

C. Chadefaux, C. Vignaud, E. Chalmin, J. Robles-Camacho, J. Arroyo-Cabrales, E. Johnson, and I. Reiche « Color origin and heat evidence of paleontological bones : Case study of blue and gray bones from San Josecito Cave, Mexico » American Mineralogist 94 (2009) 27–33.

T. Calligaro, Y. Coquinot, I. Reiche, J. Castaing, J. Salomon, G. Ferrand, Y. Le Fur « Dating study of two rock crystal carvings by surface microtopography and by ion beam analyses of hydrogen » Applied Physics A 94 (2009) 871–878.

Book chapters

I. Reiche & E. Chalmin (in press) « Synchrotron methods : Color in paints and minerals » chapter 12.16 in “Treatise on Geochemistry : Archaeology and Anthropology", ed. Thure Cerling

I. Reiche & F. Voigt (2012) « The master potter Ali Muhammad Isfahani : insights into the process of decorative underglaze tile making in 19th-century Iran » in chapter in « Technology of Production – Case studies for different types of materials in « Analytical Archaeometry », eds. P. Vandenabeele & H. Edwards

I. Reiche & M. Radtke (2010) « Unter Röntgenlicht betrachtet – Metallanalysen am Hiddensee-Schmuck » In : Wikingergoldschmuck auf Hiddensee, B. Armbruster, H. Eilbracht (eds.), Serie „Archäologie in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“, Vol. 6 , Eds. Abt. Archäologie und Denkmalpflege im Landesamt für Kultur und Denkmalpflege mit dem Kulturhist ;. Museum der Hansestadt Stralsund und der Ostdt. Sparkassenstiftung, Hinstorff Verlag, 135-147.

Publications for a broader public

Ina Reiche « Röntgenblick auf Kunstwerke » Physik-Journal 12 (2013) 31-37.